What can I bring to The Trip Out?

Can I bring alcohol into the Festival? You are allowed to bring alcohol into the campsite but it must not be in glass bottles due to health & safety.

Can I bring Fireworks or Chinese Lanterns? No fireworks and no Chinese lanterns please.

Can I bring a sound system? Noise curfew is 2am. Unauthorised sound systems are not permitted after this time, please respect the neighbours, they may want to get some sleep, even if you don't.

Can I bring my dog? Yes you can, but the below must be respected. Please keep all animals under control, paying attention to the signs. Please keep dogs on leads at all times. Please remember to pick up after your animal, if you need a bag, please see reception.

Can I bring BBQs into the campsite?
Cooking will be permitted on gas stoves and disposable BBQs only, which must be raised off the ground and must not be left unattended. Please ensure that they are extinguished correctly and safely. Gas Stoves and disposable BBQ's must be used sensibly and with the manufacturer's instructions. Cooking on gas where installed in a campervan parked within the campsite is also permitted. Cooking by all other means including open fires, BBQs (other than disposable) and any other kind of gas appliance is not allowed
Cooking in tents is not recommended due to your own health and safety.

Can we bring in our own food? Yes, you can, but we also have a wide range of food vendors including vegetarian on site.


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